Q. Do you have a store front / Where are you located?

A. We do not have a brick and mortar. We focus on events, festivals, and pop up shops. We aim to keep our product fresh and new for those that carry interest. We also offer products that are NOT available on our site when we are out and about, such as our sticker collection, prints, buttons and pins, and phone poppies. We also rely on on our strong web presence to keep our name alive and well. 


Q. What is your return policy?

A. We try to keep at as simple as possible. Simply mail your product back to the return address on your mailing slip, and we can do 1 of 2 things. Either offer you a full refund, or a replacement product of the same value. Easy enough, right?


Q. How much do you charge for a custom design?

A. Depends on the overall idea / detail you’re looking for. 9 times out of 10 it’s $100 for complete custom, awesome, and KILLER art.


Q. Are yinz for hire for logo design, marketing materials, and other stuff?

A. YES!!! We are artists / designers by profession. 


Q. Is Wheeling Threads your full time job?

A. No, this is a business we run on the side. We are both 9-5 Graphic Artists.


Q. Who prints your shirts / Do you guys print in house?

A. Short answer… No. We leave that to the professionals. We’re artists, not printers. We are partnered with various local AND out of state printers. Depending on the garment, and design is where we choose which to use. Some of our prints are DIRECT TO GARMENT printed, and others are simple screen prints.