Wheeling Threads is about bringing the very best in independent apparel to the types of people who built this region and wear it with pride -- people with grit and aspirations, people who were born here and knew her as well as those who heard her call of opportunity and were grafted in.

We began in 2018 by creating designs that celebrated and reimagined the past through the filter of the present, but after a while, we realized that the story of our city isn't written in dust-covered volumes of romanticized nostalgia of by-gone institutions. It's written on the dust-covered faces of each and every person alive right now that uses that lore as a foundation to write their own story.

Wheeling was once revered as the Gateway to the West -- a generous evolution from it's namesake as "The Place of the Skull".

Well, Wheeling Threads wants to follow that tradition by being a gateway for up-and-coming apparel designers to launch their own dreams while dropping some heat of our own along the way.

There are a lot of other apparel companies that sell a soft nostalgia to make your toes twinkle. Well, there was nothing soft about the life we came up in a blue collared Appalachian Rust Belt.

This is for the people who had to fight and scratch their way through family trees and shifting neighborhoods, layoffs, and layaways. It's for the people who got knocked down and keep getting back up. It's for the people who know that what's on your t-shirt says a whole lot about the person wearing it.

Never stop climbing. Never stop creating. Never stop dreaming.