Rewind to the year 2003… 

On a break from art school in Pittsburgh I ended up coming back to the valley looking for work. I sought out anything I could get my hands on. I looked, and looked, and looked. I had a strong portfolio, but no real professional experience. 

Of course as a kid fresh out of college I felt I was ready to crush it! However, the businesses in this area weren’t ready to make such an investment in such a young artist and designer. With all the work I had put in, and the years of school under my belt; to not even make a blip on the map locally… I sincerely felt defeated. 

By complete chance after designing a tattoo for my girlfriend at the time, we headed to Hot Rod Tattooing for her to get my art professionally tattooed. I brought my sketchbook to the appointment which had pages upon pages of random art, illustration, and graffiti. 

The Tattoo artist Scott showed Sweet Chuck my work. I was nervous. Almost hellbent on saying “Please don’t show him”… 

And to this day, I am SO wondrously thankful that I did. Without hesitation Chuck closed my sketchbook, and offered me a freelance project on the spot. My first ever! A project that was small in reference to his business, but wildly substantial to me.

From that point that on, we had become friends… Ladies and gents, I love this man! 


We are all devastated by Chuck's passing. It seems almost impossible. 

I owe this man. I owe him because I was close to giving up, and was considering my focus in another field. This gentleman pulled me back down to earth, and it changed my entire view on the professional art world. After that opportunity I just got hungrier and hungrier for the next chance. I haven't looked back since, and that was almost two decades ago.

This man is a constant inspiration.

I'm going to miss you. This hurts. This is devastating.

Love you, brother. Rest well.