Ambi has always stood for providing a voice to those who can’t be heard on their own. We were created in 2008 in order to show how we feel on the inside, portraying what we truly wanted to say, but without muttering a single word. We are in the business of helping others show their feelings and thoughts through our art. 

We’re breathing life back into this, after a 10 year hiatus because it’s relevant now more than ever. We are welcoming all walks of life, without bothering to include political banter, negative approaches, nonsense, or second guesses. 

Ambi Brand Apparel, short for AMBITION has again been conjured for the introverts, the social butterflies, the fashionistas, the punk culture, the fighters, the loners, the ‘do-gooders’, the heartbroken, the hip hop kids…

We ARE the ‘all walks of life’ brand. The brand for the people with a chip on their shoulder, looking for a voice. 

Ambition brings growth. Ambition brings change.